A-b1.com is where “Every day could more accurately be Black History Month.”

Mission Statement


The mission of A-B1.COM, is to remain devoted to the promotion and celebration of the memory and unique contribution made by the B-1 individuals named on its exclusive line of T-Shirts. We will continue to develop new and exclusive designs and series (like the “Birth of A-B1 Nation” series) with themes meant to proliferate the B-1 lifestyle commitments of unity, community, a standard of excellence, love and celebration of the culture, self-respect, respect for others, economic and political empowerment, and knowledge of self.

Our commitment to building and maintaining professional relationships that manifest the B-1 philosophy of doing business within our communities is unwavering. Our goal is to reinvigorate the collaborative commitments that created Tulsa Oklahoma’s, Greenwood District; commonly referred to as Black Wall Street. A segregated self-contained community of people who embraced cooperative economics. A-B1.com remains committed to narrate and support the B1 movement as a burgeoning global phenomenon.